Interesting gig on Friday 28th September.  We were booked into Hackness Village Hall which is part of the burgeoning ‘village hall’ circuit . This is an initiative that is bringing music of all genres to small venues (usually the halls in out-of-the-way villages) that do not necessarily present concerts by professional musicians. The opportunity to enjoy the varied entertainment is proving very popular and last Friday was no exception. The venue was in the beautiful village of Hackness and the hall, decked out like a night club, was the perfect environment for us.( Apart from the fact that not being licenced it was necessary for the people to come armed with their own supply of the demon drink !) Nevertheless it was an excellent gig ,extremely well received by the very friendly folk of Hackness many of whom, talking to us after the gig , confessed that they had never listened before to blues, but now considered themselves converts ! Nice to take on the role of missionaries to the great God of the Blues !

 • Why are band breaks limited to only 20 minutes?
 So you don’t have to retrain the drummer.