A Great Night !

Tuesday 16th October–an auspicious date as it was the broadcast of the eagerly awaited   Sky Arts documentary “Guitar Stories” featuring Mark Knopfler talking to John Illsley about the guitars that have been so important to him throughout his career. Part of the programme was filmed at our ‘home base’  the Grosvenor Hotel in Robin Hood’s Bay where Mark and Steve reminisced and demonstrated their mastery on their ‘National’ guitars.  It was a great thrill for us when he sat in with the band and of course ,the audience went wild !  So , the night of the broadcast and many of the people who were there at the filming turned up again as the most genial of landlords , Dave Collinson , had fixed up the TV in the bar so that the show could be watched ‘live’ . The film was tremendous – a must watch if you haven’t seen it – and our bit , if I can put it like that , was greeted with cheers !  But ( dare I say it ? ) the highlight of the night was a moment of pure farce ! We were playing the last number of the night – House Rocking Boogie – when Parky (ever the showman ) decided to stand up while he was playing. Steve(ever the gentleman) thought he would help by adjusting the mike stand . Parky somehow managed to get tangled up, lost his balance and crashed to the floor in a jumble of mike stand , mike lead , accordion and chair ! The outcome of this farrago was the rest of the band hardly able to play for laughing , Parky flat on his back but (what a trouper !) still playing his solo and the audience showing a degree of concern mixed with amused amazement at these attention seeking antics ! Fortunately no damage was done to the accordion , the mike stand , the mike or the chair . Oh yes, Parky recovered his equilibrium if not his dignity ! A good night was had by all !

(My thanks to Ed Bicknell for this one )
Mummy Mummy ! I want to be a drummer when I grow up.
You will have to make up your mind as you can’t be both !