Up-coming guests – Stubbs/Croker/Rudd

Dates for your diary:

Sept 19th – we will be joined at the Grosvenor by the inimitable Brendan Croker. Get there early if you want a seat !

Oct 17th – Norway’s Vidar Ruud will be guesting with the band at the Grosvenor. Vidar is a superb guitarist, not to be missed !

Emma Wilson

We are pleased to tell you that we have the prodigiously talented EMMA WILSON to play the interval spot at the Grosvenor on Tuesday 20th of June . She will be accompanied by a good friend ouf ours , Mr Al Harrington on guitar . I can confidently predict that a good time will be had by all  Usual time , usual place . We’ll see you there , won’t we ?

Josie Lloyd

This very lovely , very talented and seriously swinging blues lady is , we’re pleased to say , back with us in the Grosvenor on TUESDAY 4th APRIL .Josie has appeared with us a number of times and her guitar playing and singing are always a delight . So get yourselves down here and be assured of a cracking evening’s entertainment .

Dates for Your Diary

Short notice again I know, but here’s who’s appearing with us at the Grosvenor in the coming weeks.

March 21st   As you all know by now , if it’s equinox it must be BRENDAN CROKER Yes the great man will be with us next Tuesday.

March 28th   We welcome back singer/songwriter/guitarist the very talented MARTIN HEATON who is always tremendously entertaining with his acutely observed lyrics.

APRIL 25TH   His supreme Geordiness ,  our very good friend RAY STUBBS is back again to dazzle the Grosvenor faithful with his virtuoso harmonica playing and singing.

MAY 9th  And finally ( for now ) GERRY COOPER  making a welcome return visit . Gerry and Steve go way back and we always enjoy his visits to the Grosvenor .

So you’re now up to date with our guest list for the near future.  Mark your diary and we’ll see you there . Yes ? Dont you forget now !


Tuesday March 7th  A date that you really should put in your diary as we are pleased to announce that in the Grosvenor on that night we will be joined by GORDON GILTRAP . Since the 1960s Gordon has been one of the most respected musicians in the country . He is a virtuoso guitarist and composer whose many recordings ( more than 40 LPs and CDs ) are regularly played on the radio . His accomplishments are far too many to list here but they include composing television theme tunes , an author and a columnist for music magazines . Gordon collaborated with Cliff Richard on the musical ‘ Heathcliff ‘ . So you see , to miss out on seeing this wonderful performer playing solo and along with Steve and the Diamonds would be a silly thing to do wouldn’t it ? My advice is therefore to get yourself along to the Grosvenor ,early of course , for what promises to be an unforgettable evening’s entertainment .

The Kirks

We welcome back , after far too long , John and Diana Kirk on the 21st of this month . John and Diana will be performing songs from their vast repertoire of Folk , Country and Pop . Something for everyone ! A good time will be had by all . See you at the Grosvenor .

Sophie Kilburn

Last Tuesday we had a return visit from SOPHIE KILBURN. Sophie is the very talented daughter of our good friend Terry , who is responsible for everything on this website (apart , of course , from JACK’S BLOG ! )  It was a real pleasure to be able to listen to Sophie again . She writes her own songs , plays guitar and sings wonderfully. Her short appearance was very well received by the discerning folk who come to the Grosvenor and next time she is up this way to guest with us I hope that I get sufficient notice to be able to let you know in good time that Sophie will be appearing . Definitely, a young lady to watch !

Gig List for 2017

Here are the gigs we have confirmed for the first half of 2017. There may be others that I ‘ll post as and when they come in.

Saturday 21st of January   York ( private party )

Saturday 18th of March   Ripley Blues Club

Saturday 8th of April   Middlesbrough Golf Club

Saturday 15th of April  Glaisdale (private party )

Monday 1st of May   Filey Evron Centre

Friday  30th June  Leeds  Headlingly Club



Now for Something Different

On Tuesday November 29th Steve and The Rough Diamonds wil not be appearing at the Grosvenor due to half the band being on holiday . However , music lovers , do not feel deprived for , at great expense (?) we are delighted to announce that DAVID NEAL will be in attendance to entertain you . He will have his fabulous band with him , of course , so be assured of a wonderful evening . You would be quite insane to miss seeing these great musicians .

A couple of weeks later , on Tuesday December 13th we will be having a return visit from JACK BENTLEY . Jack was last with us in July and if you saw him then , you will know just what a great performer he is . And of course if you didn’t see him then , now’s your chance .



I keep being accused of not giving people sufficient notice of guest appearances . Well, in my defence , there are times when we don’t know who is coming until the actual day . However , to be honest , there are times when (whisper it quietly !) I forget. I appreciate that such an admission is shocking news for all you sensitive souls out there , but there it is , I’ve confessed and will sleep easy tonight having got that off my chest .  Now let me bring you up to date . This Tuesday ( I know , late again !) we are pleased to welcome  JEAN WATSON to the Grosvenor . Our friend Jean hails from Leeds where she is very involved with the thriving jazz scene . And she is coming to sing a few songs with us during our interval jazz spot . It will be a real pleasure for us to provide her accompaniment.

On NOVEMBER 15th we welcome back to Robin Hood’s Bay , His Supreme Geordiness the incomparable RAY STUBBS . Always a pleasure for us and for our regulars who have enjoyed the many times over the years that Ray has been coming to knock us out with his musical prowess . A good time is guarranteed . Do your best to be there !

That,s all for now except to say that Parky is back with us after his globe trotting exploits . So all being well we should be at full strength on Tuesday .