I keep being accused of not giving people sufficient notice of guest appearances . Well, in my defence , there are times when we don’t know who is coming until the actual day . However , to be honest , there are times when (whisper it quietly !) I forget. I appreciate that such an admission is shocking news for all you sensitive souls out there , but there it is , I’ve confessed and will sleep easy tonight having got that off my chest .  Now let me bring you up to date . This Tuesday ( I know , late again !) we are pleased to welcome  JEAN WATSON to the Grosvenor . Our friend Jean hails from Leeds where she is very involved with the thriving jazz scene . And she is coming to sing a few songs with us during our interval jazz spot . It will be a real pleasure for us to provide her accompaniment.

On NOVEMBER 15th we welcome back to Robin Hood’s Bay , His Supreme Geordiness the incomparable RAY STUBBS . Always a pleasure for us and for our regulars who have enjoyed the many times over the years that Ray has been coming to knock us out with his musical prowess . A good time is guarranteed . Do your best to be there !

That,s all for now except to say that Parky is back with us after his globe trotting exploits . So all being well we should be at full strength on Tuesday .

Josie and Brendan

Just a quick reminder that this week we have the lovely and talented JOSIE LLOYD as our guest and next week the decidedly less lovely but equally talented BRENDAN CROKER . Musical delights await at the GROSVENOR HOTEL  See you there !

Special Guests

Tuesday 19th July. We have two very special and very talented guests over to play the interval spot. JACK BENTLY and EDDIE . Not to be missed !  We’ll see then eh ?

Band Holiday

Steve and the Diamonds will not be appearing at the Grosvenor on Tuesday the 14th of June as some of us will be in ( hopefully ) sunnier climes . There will be alternative entertainment and if I can find out who or what I will let you know on here . Otherwise check the Official Grosvenor Hotel Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening at Robin Hood’s Bay’s number 1 venue for the best music around .

Equinox !

You may be puzzling over the heading , or perhaps not !   I’ll explain . The spring equinox will soon be upon us and what happens on the Tuesday closest to both equinoxes during the year ? Why , we are delighted to welcome back to the Grosvenor the incomparable BRENDAN CROKER ! This year, 2016, our own private equinoctial celebrations will take place on MARCH 22nd and SEPTEMBER 20th . All of our regular visitors will know exactly what to look forward to when the Right Honorable BRENDAN is in town. And when Mr Phillips and Mr Croker get together , entertainment of the very highest order is guaranteed .

Diary Dates

Just a couple of notices . Firstly , JUNE 14th 2016 will be a band holiday so neither Steve nor the Diamonds will be at the Grosvenor that night . There may in fact be alternative entertainment , but at the moment I have no information . As soon as I do have , I’ll let you know on here . Secondly , the lovely JOSIE LLOYD will be returning to the Grosvenor on SEPTEMBER 13th . Her bluesy singing and guitar playing are always a delight and be assured of a great show .

Tuesday 20th October

Short notice , I know , but I’ve only just got to know about tonight’s entertainment at the GROSVENOR . Those of you who are able to make it , can be assured of an evening of superb entertainment featuring RAW 60’s a very talented quartet that shouldn’t be missed. All being well STEVE PHILLIPS and THE ROUGH DIAMONDS will be back next week , the 27th, after their brief holiday . We look forward to seeing you as usual .

Important !

I realise that I’ve omitted to inform you that on Tuesday 20th of October , STEVE will be on holiday and so will not be appearing with the Diamonds in the Grosvenor . I hope you haven’t made any special arrangements for that night . If you have , blame me ! However , be assured that there will be some entertainment , though as of this moment I cannot confirm just what it will be . As soon as it is confirmed I shall let you know, watch this space!             Don’t forget next Tuesday we welcome back harmonica maestro , His Supreme Geordieness RAY STUBBS.     See you there , don’t be late now !

Quick Reminder

Our friend JOSIE LLOYD will be with us on Tuesday 29th September to play the interval spot ( that’s tomorrow of course ! ) Josie opened the show for us at the Headingly Club, Leeds last Friday night . It was a great night of music, playing to an enthusiastic audience who were very demanding of encores . Being the consumate professionals we are , we naturally obliged . The previous night we played in Halifax in a lovely little venue that accoustically is one of the best rooms we’ve had the pleasure of performing in for some time. We wish they were all like that ! It’s rather exotically named ‘ Club Afrique ‘ and the music nights are expertly promoted by Steve’s old friend Geoff Amos . I reckon we’d be happy to play there anytime. Parky was not with us on our mini-tour ( or tourette as he calls such jaunts . I wonder why ? ) The reason being that he was living the highlife at a folk festival on the south coast, Bognor Regis , I believe.  All being well , he should be back with us in the Grosvenor on Tuesday .

If you’ve been keeping your diary up to date you won’t need reminding that RAY STUBBS  ( everyone’s favourite Geordie ! ) is with us on Tuesday13th October .You’ll know what to expect . See you there !

Mr. Croker Returns !

My last post was a STOP PRESS announcing the return to the Grosvenor of our friend and yours , the Right Honourable Brendan Croker and we’re delighted that he’s going to be with us again tomorrow August 25th. Very short notice I know, but with with such a full social diary , Brendan has to fit his visits in whenever he can . So get yourselves down to the Grosvenor on Tuesday – you know it makes sense ! And while I’m here , let me remind you that Ray Stubbs will be with us on October 13th. We look forward to seeing you as always.