Stop Press ! ! !

VERY LATE NEWS !  On Tuesday 14th July , we will be joined again by BRENDAN CROKER who is making a rapid return to the Grosvenor . His sessions with us are always entertaining . Supremely talented Mr CROKER should not be missed !  See you there .

More dates for your diary

You know how we like to welcome our musician friends to the Grosvenor whenever they can find time in their busy schedules to come and sit in with us.

On September 29th the lovely JOSIE LLOYD is our guest.  Try to make it, I can guarantee an evening of musical delight !

Now for something different !

Next Tuesday , June 2nd , lovers of a more gentle type of blues are in for a treat at the Grosvenor . Two hooligans (i.e. Parky and me) are otherwise engaged so Steve , Burt and Phil  are playing a (semi) accoustic set with no drums or accordian to upset the calm and thoughtful music that these masters of the genre are very capable of producing ! It is guaranteed to be a different and highly entertaining evening .

On Tuesday 21st of July , we will welcome two new guests . CHRIS SMITH is a very fine pianist/organist who will be sitting in with the band for a few numbers . In addition , the interval spot will be in the talented hands of PATSY MATHESON a singer/songwriter . Now that is a night to look forward to . We’ll see you there eh ?

Grosvenor Notes

Hi folks !  Just a couple of things to remember. Steve and the Diamonds will not be appearing at the Grosvenor on two Tuesdays in June.  The 16th and the 30th.
On the 30th George Husband will be at the Grosvenor. There is not expected to be any entertainment on the 16th.

Incidentally ,as many of you know , for those on Facebook , our friend John Higgins runs the Official Grosvenor Facebook page. It’s worth joining this group for any up-to-date information about all the live music you can hear in the Grosvenor, including our Tuesday night . We are getting some really good crowds every week and if you want a good seat , you are advised to be sure to be there early – you know it makes sense !

Another Year Gone – – – – !

It hardly seems possible that a year has gone by since I wrote about 2013 ! But alarmingly it has . So this is my review of our exploits during 2014 .    Unusually , apart from our regular Tuesday nights at the Grosvenor , our first gig of the year was in Scarborough on the 6th of April where we were honoured to be asked to play at the 70th birthday celebration of Sir Alan Aykbourn .  Along with some other acts , we played to a full house in the Stephen Joseph Theatre . An undoubted highlight was our version of ” The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia ” ( a particular favourite of Sir Alan’s ! ) We made a return visit to Keighley Blues Club and once again , as last year , we played the Malton Blues Festival,  this time , in torrential rain which rattled on the corrugated iron roof and dripped down onto us while we played . What fun !  A return visit to Hackness and a very well received first appearance at the Sevenarts Centre in Leeds were both enjoyable gigs . As was another  in Otley at Korks , where I must say the food is rather special . I reported on our two local gigs in my October blog and we had a terrific night at Redcar Blues Club to complete our travels for the year . Not a busy year , but , as usual with us , a very enjoyable one !             Now , an advance notice for the summer . Steve will not be at the Grosvenor on Tuesday June 16th and I will give a few more reminders before June along with information on who will be appearing on that night .

Another Guest not to miss !

On 25th of November we are delighted to welcome back GRAHAM METCALFE to join us for the night . As many of you who have heard him before already know , Graham is an ace pedal steel guitarist whose skill on this notoriously difficult instrument is wonderful . So write this date in your diary ( or get your social secretary to do it ! ) and get down to the Grosvenor for a guaranteed great night’s entertainment . See you there !


For those of you who didn’t know or have forgotten , RAY STUBBS will be appearing with us again next Tuesday 4th of November . It’s always a great night when Ray is with us as anyone who has seen him will attest . So get yourself to the Grosvenor on Tuesday and be assured of an entertaining evening. Now just a mention of the two recent gigs I wrote about last time . The first one as part of the wonderful MusicPort festival was played before a gratifyingly enthusiastic audience . We’d like to thank  Paul Whittaker and his team for controlling our sound so expertly.          The other gig was the benefit for the Great North Air Ambulance organised by our long-time friend Brian and raised almost £700 !  Those who were able to attend saw a varied programme of great music . The whole evening was compered with sophistication and humour by the unflappable Sir JAMES LUPTON despite his suffering from what is best described as ( dare I say it ? ) ‘ manflu ‘ ! With the assistance of copious quantities of medication Jimmy was able to get through the night even , at one point demonstrating his mastery of the ukelele ! What a star !         Also on the bill was another good friend of ours , vocalist  ANNE HILL . She was accompanied by the JG4 ( who ? ) Then we were treated to a set from a group of fabulous musicians the WEEKEND MILLIONAIRES which include our own PHIL MOORE , guitarist PAUL WHITTAKER,  drummer STEVE COOPER and vocalist ROWENA SOMERVILLE .   We mustn’t forget the dynamic contribution of LUKE PEARSON who sang with the DIAMONDS and the MILLIONAIRES . Luke is a regular guest of ours on our Tuesday night sessions. So there you have it , a superb night of fantastic music performed by talented musicians for a very worthy cause .


Two Local Gigs

Apart from our regular Tuesday night sessions at our ‘ home base ‘ , The Grosvenor Hotel in Robin Hood’s Bay , we do not appear very often in the Whitby area . Of course , as most of you know , for many years now we have performed an annual benefit gig for the Whitby RNLI and as I have reported in the past , very successful these affairs always are . We are not doing the gig this year due to another event being organised by the indefatigable Graham and Ann Holmes who do so much for the RNLI .However I’m delighted to remind you that Steve and the Diamonds are appearing twice in a week in the Whitby area . First  , we are appearing at the very popular MUSICPORT  the award winning annual world music festival held in Whitby .  This is on Saturday  the 18th of October and should be a really good night !  The following Friday ( 24th ) we are playing a benefit gig for the GREAT NORTH AIR AMBULANCE . There will also be guests appearing during the evening and the night will be compered by our good friend Jimmy Lupton .  This is taking place in the SALMON LEAP in Sleights and I’m sure you’ll agree , for a very worthy cause .( Ring Brian on 01947 811447 to reserve tickets)  We look forward to seeing you at one ( or both ! ) of these gigs .

At Last ! Jack’s Back .

“OK” , I hear you say ,”I didn’t actually notice that you’d been away !”  Well ,the fact that my computer died sometime during last March has meant  that I haven’t written my blog since then . You may wonder why I didn’t just nip down to the corner shop and buy a new one , but being absolutely furious that my computer was just one month out of warranty , I resolved to do without one . Theoretically this was  feasible  , especially since I bought a tablet to keep in touch with emails , social media etc. But I could not blog ( is that a verb ?) so finally ,after 6 months , I relented and bought the shiny new machine that I am using at this very minute . So like it or not , I’m back !

So ,what can I tell you that you might not already know ? We’ve played a number of very good gigs including Keighley Blues Club , Leeds Bluesfest  and Malton International Blues Festival (again !) . We were delighted and honoured to be asked to play at a special event in the Stephen Joseph Theatre to celebrate the 70th birthday of Sir Alan Aykbourn . We’ve had our usual array of guests appearing at the Grosvenor with us , notably , return visits of Ray Stubbs and Josie LLoyd  both of whom really enjoy playing to the great audiences we always get at the Grosvenor—well done all of you !

So that’s it for my first blog since February–I’m exhausted !  I need a stiff drink , but not before I give you a special date for your diary. ( I think I’ll put this announcement in capitals so you won’t forget ! )


We’ll see you there – you promise now !