Colne Blues Festival

Well , we’re back after our brief foray into Lancashire . We are fortunate , of course , to have Parky in the band as he was able to act as our official interpreter . His fluency in the Lancastrian dialect (his native tongue I may add ) proved invaluable . We performed on the ‘ International Stage’ which was in the Municipal Theatre known as The Muni . A great concert venue — a vast stage , a balcony with seating for a couple of hundred people I reckon , the ground floor area cleared of seats with room for who knows how many standing ( a steward said upwards of 500 !) a separate bar and another smaller room also being used as a concert venue. Earlier in the day , the festival goers had been able to watch the great Ginger Baker with his group Jazz Confusion and the evening session featured Ian Siegal , Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and us. We were in the theatre for Ian Siegal’s set , excellent straight ahead blues ,and , as you would expect from Bill Wyman , a very entertaining mixture of musical styles played by his superb nine piece band that included Georgie Fame on organ and Albert Lee on lead guitar . As is often the case at festivals , timing goes a little awry and we didn’t start our set until about 11.15 by which time quite a few of the audience had faded away due to a combination of the stifling heat in the hall ( beer sales must have been tremendous !) the fact that the music had been on the go since 2 o’clock and the lateness of the hour meant that only the hardiest of souls could last the course .  Nevertheless , when we went on , the balcony was still almost full with a goodly number of ‘ standees ‘ . We were extremely well received by those discerning folk who stayed to listen — and rightly so ! We played an excellent set ( even though I say it myself )  A successful trip all round , though it’s unlikely we’ll do another ‘graveyard spot ‘ as the last on the bill is called . We’re too old ( well I am anyway so I keep being told by the whippersnappers in the band ) and we need our beauty sleep!

.                                             ***STOP PRESS***                                                                      It has just been confirmed that the wonderful Ray Stubbs will be on the bill for our famous annual RNLI Benefit Gig which this year takes place on the 19th of October in the usual venue of the Friendship Club in Whitby.  For further details see the Gigs page on this site .