RNLI Benefit Gig

Our annual gig for the RNLI took place last night. This has been organised since it’s inception by Graham and Anne Holmes and since the first one , well over £20,000 has been raised for this most worthy of causes.  This year’s event was as popular as ever and was sold out weeks ago.  Graham tells me he could have easily sold twice the capacity of the venue! This year Steve invited a young duo ‘ Seafret ‘ to open for us. These two lads (from Flamborough , just down the coast ) are very talented and write much of their material as well as performing their own arrangements of classic songs.  Harry Draper (guitar) and Jack Sedman (vocals) are names to look out for in the future . Their set was very well received by the audience . Remember folks, ‘SEAFRET’, you heard it here first. The event was compered by the urbane, unflappable, Mr. Jimmy Lupton in his own inimitable and entertaining way.  Oh , and Parky didn’t fall over !

Why did the drummer stare at the frozen juice can?
Because it said, “Concentrate”.