The Tour = Done and Dusted

You may have wondered why I haven’t yet reported on our mini tour , or tourette  as Parky refers to it ( a rather apt title as you would agree had you been with us !)  Well , as I expected , I needed recovery time before I could face the computer and plenty of sleep , lots of sofa time , coffee and more sleep has done the trick. I think ! So here we go .

The whole trip was a hilarious episode from start to finish . I can assure anybody that travelling with Phillips and the Diamonds is a laugh a minute . And the music was tremendous , it’s always enjoyable when we play to new audiences , and the reception we got everywhere was very gratifying, none more so than our last gig in Cherry Burton, where we got a standing ovation ! I suppose if there was a downside it was the journeys from gig to gig . Overall we did over 1300 miles and were on the road , in total , for nearly 24 hours ! But any inconvenience suffered by that was far outweighed by the good things .  The companionship , the venues ( especially St. Donats where we played in a converted 12thC Tythe Barn , part of a beautiful castle once owned by William Randolph Hearst )        Parky being flash demonstrating his prowess on his iPad , the abuse I got when I spilt a full packet of just bought ‘White Chocolate Maltesers’ all over the van floor , the food ( in particular the wonderful meal Bert’s wife Roz prepared for us after our journey from south Wales ) , the deeply philosophical discussions (?) and of course , the music . There , that’s done . I think i’ll just have a little nap…………..