We get Guests

Regular visitors to the Grosvenor know that from time to time we have guest musicians playing with us.  These have included Brendan Croker; Rory Mcloud; Kevin Brown; Ray Stubbs among many others. It’s always a pleasure for us and most certainly the audience when these fine musicians join us. Recently, we’ve enjoyed the talents of guests who have entertained us wonderfully :  Seafret, (you know about them !) were with us 3 weeks ago. A regular visitor is Chris Mountford from Scarborough.  Chris is a very fine guitarist able to play in any style it seems. He plays classical, flamenco and jazz guitar and sings his own arrangements of modern songs. See him ,if you can , you won’t be disappointed ! A first time visitor last week was Josie Lloyd.  Josie is one of a rare breed – that is , a female guitar playing blues singer and a very good one too ! Josie has been a fan of Steve’s since, as a 15 year old , she saw him performing in her home town of Leeds. She told me that at that time she was already playing guitar and singing and ( her own words ) ” I thought I was the bee’s knees . Then , after seeing Steve for the first time ,  I realised that I had a lot to learn and was inspired to practice more . I wanted to be as good as him.  I still do . I’m still practicing ! ”  Josie now lives in Devon .We look forward to her next visit.

What do you do if you accidentally run over a drummer?
Back up.